Household chemicals packaging, barrels, cans

Wymogi jakościowe:

Ilość Minimum quantity – 4 tonnes Jakość Home care packaging should include PE and PP bottles, canisters and barrels. Waste delivered to the plant should not contain hard plastics, bottles made of PET, PVC and PS, and other materials. Total weight of impurities may not exceed 3% of total delivery weight in case of hard plastics, 2% in case of other impurities and 1 % in case of paper, timber and glass. Waste delivered to the plant may not contain any rocks, metal objects and other foreign objects. Home care packaging waste may neither be soiled with glue, tar, oils nor other hard to clean substances.
zdjęcie produktu
Pakowanie Waste delivered to the plant needs to be compressed (lumped). Transport Transport by supplier – any amount of material may be transported. Transport by recipient – minimum load of 4 tonnes required.
Recycling Upon the supplier’s written request we agree to issue documents confirming recycling and recovery of delivered waste.